Türlersee: A beautiful discovery.

We loved the place and took a dip. It was quite mesmerizing, although the water was cold. The crystal clear water all together with the Swiss vibes was the biggest motivation indeed. So, cheers to our beautiful moment. Yay!!!


A Sunny Sunday At Lake Zurich…

Well it was a very spontaneous trip to Zurich. I don’t mind visiting this beautiful city again and over. In fact, it one of my favorites. The company, the weather, the place, the vibes, the time…everything was just perfect. I feel like sharing some of beautiful moments with the people.

Bicycles in Amsterdam 🚲 

The capital city of Amsterdam is much more beyond of what I thought when it comes about the bicycles. The city has around 2 millions of bike, although the population is just a million. How cool is it? So, I took the picture of the world’s largest bicycle parking.