Türlersee: A beautiful discovery.

We loved the place and took a dip. It was quite mesmerizing, although the water was cold. The crystal clear water all together with the Swiss vibes was the biggest motivation indeed. So, cheers to our beautiful moment. Yay!!!


A Sunny Sunday At Lake Zurich…

Well it was a very spontaneous trip to Zurich. I don’t mind visiting this beautiful city again and over. In fact, it one of my favorites. The company, the weather, the place, the vibes, the time…everything was just perfect. I feel like sharing some of beautiful moments with the people.

Spring in Munich 😍

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It was a sunny day in Munich and the flowers were happy enough to get snapped. Spring is all about the new life.

Lake Bled is such a cute destination 😍

I was quite lucky to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia and the weather was awesome too. I didn’t realize when exactly did I sleep at the deck. It was a perfect sunshine blessed with the good vibes. I totally recommend this place if you are visiting Slovenia by chance 🤘

Santorini…the ultimate destination in Greece 🇬🇷 

I headed to the farthest point in the north of Santorini island and got amazed my this dramatic view. The village of Oia is an amazing destination with full of chaos. Either you hike or ride a donkey to explore the island. The blue Mediterranean Sea and the interesting beautiful houses can beat almost everything. Well, my favorite is that cute windmill almost on the top.

Bicycles in Amsterdam 🚲 

The capital city of Amsterdam is much more beyond of what I thought when it comes about the bicycles. The city has around 2 millions of bike, although the population is just a million. How cool is it? So, I took the picture of the world’s largest bicycle parking.