A Sunny Sunday At Lake Zurich…

Well it was a very spontaneous trip to Zurich. I don’t mind visiting this beautiful city again and over. In fact, it one of my favorites. The company, the weather, the place, the vibes, the time…everything was just perfect. I feel like sharing some of beautiful moments with the people.


Spring in Munich πŸ˜

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It was a sunny day in Munich and the flowers were happy enough to get snapped. Spring is all about the new life.

Lake Bled is such a cute destination πŸ˜

I was quite lucky to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia and the weather was awesome too. I didn’t realize when exactly did I sleep at the deck. It was a perfect sunshine blessed with the good vibes. I totally recommend this place if you are visiting Slovenia by chance 🀘